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NC State Extension


2011 Tomato Industry Fresh Produce Safety Survey Results
This survey helps address food safety issues for producers by assessing current knowledge and practices, using the input to enhance an educational program in fresh produce safety.

Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for Fresh Tomato Supply Chain, Edition 2 (PDF)
In-depth guidelines developed by the North American Tomato Trade Work Group and United Fresh. Covers field production, field packing, greenhouse production, repacking operations and processing of fresh cut tomatoes.

Good Agricultural Practices for the Production and Handling of Tomatoes
This bi-fold pamphlet from N.C. State focuses on how to best reduce the risks of contamination through preventative on-farm measures.

Key Points of Control and Management of Microbial Food Safety: Information for Producers, Handlers and Processors of Fresh Market Tomatoes
Eight-page booklet of practical information for all stages of tomato production, handling and processing.

T-GAP – Florida Tomato Good Agricultural Practices
The purpose of this rule development is to develop rules to enhance the safety of fresh tomatoes produced, packed, repacked, distributed and sold in Florida or from Florida.

Tomato Good Agricultural Practices & Tomato Best Management Practices, Questions and Answers From the Florida Tomato Exchange
In 2006, the Florida Tomato Exchange voted to implement the Tomato Good Agricultural Practices and Tomato Best Management Practices for the fresh tomato industry in Florida. This document addresses frequently asked questions about the implementation of these practices.

USDA Tomato Nutrients
The USDA’s listing of available nutrients found in tomatoes.

Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards of Tomatoes (July 2009)