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The Good Agricultural Practices: Fresh Produce Safety Plan for Field Practices is based upon several resources including the General Questions, Part 1 Farm Review, and Part 2 Field Harvest and Field Packing Activities of the USDA GAP’s Audit Matrix. For more information on the questions contained in the audit matrix see the User’s Guide.

Fresh Produce Hazard Assessment (Word) (PDF)
Before you begin writing your plan it may be useful to complete the Fresh Produce Hazard Assessment. Use this hazard assessment to evaluate risks on your farm. For each question indicate if your risk is low, medium, or high. Add each question you answer as high risk to the action checklist at the end of the assessment. These will be the areas you will need to address first.

Fresh Produce Safety Analysis Checklist (Word) (PDF)
Use this checklist to ensure you have answered each audit question when creating your food safety plan. In the page # column, include the page number where the answer to the question can be found in your manual.