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Farmers Market Resources

N.C. Good Farmer’s Market Practices
This website provides information on Good Farmer’s Market Practices (GFMPs), a food safety curriculum developed by N.C. Cooperative Extension to enhance the safety of products and practices at farmer’s markets across North Carolina.

Produce Safety at the Farm Market: A Guide for Farmers and Sellers (PDF)
Ohio State University Extension’s publication on guidelines for farmers and sellers at farmers markets to reduce their foodborne illness likelihood. The guidelines cover transportation, product handling, and sales and display.

Food Safety for Farmer’s Market Vendors
University of Nebraska publication that identifies factors that cause food-borne illnesses and recommendations for preparing and selling wholesome and safe food products at farmers markets.

From the Field to the Table: Suggested Food Handling Guidelines for Farmers Markets, Fairs and Festivals (PDF)
Market Umbrella’s 17-page document which addresses product categories and risk assessment, production, storage and transportation standards, food sanitation guidelines and facility requirements for value-added foods sold at markets.

Improving the Safety and Quality of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables: A Training Manual for Trainers (PDF)
The University of Maryland has created a 10-page publication for training trainers by providing a broad-based scientific and practical information manual on the safe production, handling, storage and transport of fresh produce.

Selling Eggs, Meat, and Poultry in North Carolina: What Farmers Need to Know 
An N.C. Cooperative Extension article by Debbie Roos, which describes the laws that are relevant to any farmers who sell meat, poultry or eggs in North Carolina.

General Guidelines from NCDA&CS Regarding Products Exhibited for sale at Farmers Markets and Curb Markets (PDF)
This publication describes all guidelines that are applicable to food products sold at farmers markets and curb markets.

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