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How the Components Work & Technical Requirements

The On-line Fresh Produce Good Agricultural Practices Series components are explained below in more detail with approximated time for completion:

  • Principles of Fresh Produce Safety – This component is designed to give a basic introduction to the topic of food safety on the farm. The topic areas are broken down into 9 modules that you may complete in the order you choose. Each topic section consists of pre-taped lectures with downloadable presentation content, additional resources for you to explore, and a quiz to test your knowledge. Once you have completed each of the quizzes with a score of 80% or better, you will be eligible to print a course certificate. This module is designed to take approximately 4 hours to complete.
  • Navigating the USDA GAP Audit – This component will walk you through the USDA GHP/GAP certification process focusing on the General Section, Part 1: Farm Review, and Part 2: Field Harvest and Field Packing Activities (Version 1.2). Watch each of the lectures and follow along with the provided handouts to learn about the audit process and requirements for certification. This module should take about an hour to complete.
  • Fresh Produce Safety Program and Plan Development – This component will guide you through the process of developing a food safety program and writing a food safety plan for your farm. Once you have completed the template, you may choose to upload your plan for review by one of our specialists who can offer suggestions and guidance. The amount of time it takes to complete this module varies by farm.

The final follow-up on this series provides the option to upload your fresh produce safety plan for review, print out your course certificate, and complete the course evaluation.

Technical Requirements:
Your computer must meet the following requirements in order to use Moodle and this course effectively:

  • Platform: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, or ME; MacOS 9 or MacOS X
  • Hardware: 64 MB of RAM, 1 GB of free disk space (recommended)
  • Software: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Quicktime
  • Browser: Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome (Recommended in that order)
    • NOTE: JavaScript & Cookies must be enabled.