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Liability Management

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Managing Liability and Risk

NC State faculty, Rod Rejesus and Ted Feitshans, provide an overview of liability and insurance options to manage risk exposure. This two-part presentation covers Module 8 of the N.C. Fresh Produce Safety Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Training Curriculum.

GAP Certification: Is It Worth It?
Third-party GAPs certification is voluntary; it is not yet mandated by law. Growers must measure the economic cost against the benefits before deciding whether to pursue certification. This article, developed by N.C. State, outlines many of the benefits and costs growers should consider.

Insurance Coverage Options for Fresh Produce Growers
Fresh produce growers today face several risks associated with foodborne illness outbreaks. With the variety of insurance coverage or policies available, this document, developed by N.C. State, will help fresh produce growers understand what policies best cover their farms.

E. Coli & Fresh Produce: Some Lessons Learned
Presentation provides information on the economic impact of E. coli in spinach and onions, the potential economic impact on N.C. crops and management tools to implement GAPs.

Product Liability and Microbial Foodborne Illness
USDA publication about implications of food safety for grower liability.

An Analysis of the First-Order Economic Costs of the 2008 FDA Tomato Warning
This paper looks at the economic costs caused by the 2008 FDA tomato warning. The paper reflects who in the supply chain bears the costs and offers suggestions on how to move forward.