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Farm to Retail Produce Traceability Pilot 
A collaborative effort between N.C. State and FoodLogiQ offering a detailed look at traceability for the fresh produce safety industry. Three case studies consider the application of traceability measures at different sized operations.

Produce Traceability Initiative Action Plan Implementation Toolkit
United Fresh’s Traceability website, this site has a list of seven areas of resources for traceability initiatives.

Guide to Produce Farm Investigations
FDA has created this resource to address the procedures involved in a farm investigation related to an outbreak and/or a traceback investigation due to a positive produce sample.

Food Safety from Farm to Fork
Article from Results Magazine, an N.C. State University publication, which discusses how researchers are addressing food safety concerns among consumers, regulators and farmers by building resistance in crops, detecting germs in advance and tracking disease outbreaks.

Traceability: Formulation and Implementation in the Fruit and Vegetable Industry
Article from Choices Magazine about the need for traceability in the produce industry, design and implementation of a possible nationwide system.

Traceability (Product Tracing) in Food Systems
This 17-page document is a review of costs associated with implementing traceability systems and technologies in the food industry. The 2006 spinach recall is used as a case study to address the costs and benefits of product tracing.

Traceability in the Food Supply Chain
This 38-page document by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General was aimed to assess traceability of selected food products and to determine how food facilities maintain traceability information required by the FDA in a food emergency.

Hearing to Review the Legal and Technological Capacity for Full Traceability in Fresh Produce
This hearing discusses traceability in fresh produce, with the intent of reexamining and reshaping the U.S. food safety system.

An Analysis of the First-Order Economic Costs of the 2008 FDA Tomato Warning
This paper looks at the economic costs caused by the 2008 FDA tomato warning. The paper reflects who in the supply chain bears the costs and offers suggestions on how to move forward.

N.C. Fresh Produce Traceability Pilot Videos

  • Part 1: Farm to Retail
    This video provides a guide to the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), highlighting three traceability templates that can be utilized for small, medium and large producers, as well as an evaluation and cost analysis of these systems.
  • Part 2: Locations and Lessons Learned
    This video provides a look at three scale-diverse organizations studied for different perspectives on the PTI implementation, key internal and external challenges encountered, and important economic costs associated with the PTI.


Speaker presentations from the N.C. Produce Traceability Seminar are posted below. N.C. Farm Bureau hosted the comprehensive seminar on July 20, 2010. Topics included the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), North Carolina Traceability Benchmark Study and a look at on-the-ground traceability pilot programs. Partners included the N.C. Blueberry Council, N.C. Farm Bureau Federation, N.C. Sweet Potato Commission and the N.C. Vegetable Growers Association in conjunction with the N.C. Fresh Produce Safety Task Force.

A GS1/PTI Compliant System Traceability: Turning a Liability into an Asset
Bob Driggers – Authentitrace

Farm to Retail Produce Traceability Pilot
Dr. Ben Chapman, 4-H Youth Development and Family & Consumer Sciences, N.C. State University; Diane Ducharme, GAPs program coordinator and Extension associate in horticulture & food safety, Plants for Human Health Institute

FoodLogiQ Traceability Solution Overview
Andrew Kennedy – FoodLogiQ

Produce Traceability: Needs and Solutions
Dan Vaché – United Fresh Produce Association